Lord Wandsworth College, Head makes a splash!

Photo of Lord Wandsworth Head underwater
The Headmaster of Lord Wandsworth College caused a splash last month when he dived into the school pool, fully clothed, for a charity photoshoot.

Top photographer Candice was using LWC's pool for a celebrity underwater photoshoot to raise funds for her water charity Fresh2O when the Headmaster was called in to help. "The availability of fresh water is an enormously important issue for developing countries and we were delighted to help out Fresh2O in this way," commented Mr Livingstone.

The Headmaster's photograph, alongside other unusual underwater shots of celebrities including Keira Knightley, Sir Nick Faldo and model Lily Cole, are now on sale in an exhibition in LWC's new Prideaux Building until 14th December.

Photo of Lord Wandsworth Alex DansonEngland hockey player and former LWC hockey coach Alex Danson also joined in the underwater adventure, and visited the exhibition later to sign her photograph.

Mr Livingstone was encouraged to join in the photoshoot by sponsors donating to the school's own charity, the Lord Wandsworth Foundation, which offers assisted boarding places to children who have lost one or both parents. www.justgiving.com/headmasterLWC