Mr Selfridge came to Abbotsholme!

Abbotsholme School archivist has spotted Mr Selfridge’s signature in the Abbotsholme archives after watching Photo of Abbotsholme Mr Selfridgethe current series of Mr Selfridge currently on ITV.

Abbotsholme received a visit from Harry Gordon Selfridge Sr. and has wife Rosa in 1909 and decided to send their only son Harry Gordon Selfridge Jr. to Abbotsholme in 1911.

Dr Cecil Reddie, the founder of Abbotsholme, and one of the foremost educationalists of the late 19th century, had founded a pioneering school with Abbotsholme which has spread worldwide and it is perhaps no surprise that the forward looking entrepreneur, Selfridge, chose Abbotsholme, for his son.

In December 1911, Harry Gordon Selfridge Sr. is recorded as speaking to the Abbotsholme Parents’ Photo of Abbotsholme Front SchoolAssociation in London “with great force, eloquence and charm” about the education his son was receiving.