CATS College

Type of school: Co-Ed Senior school

Age Range: 14–19+ (Canterbury), 15–19+ (Cambridge and London)

Number of pupils: 12000

Number of boarders: 1000

Fees per term: Boarding: UK £8,860–£17,830, International £10,360–£19,330
Day: UK £6,050–£11,550, International £7,550–£13,050


Photo of Cats College School Student Teacher Lesson 300x200CATS College is a leading international high school with three campuses based in the thriving UK academic cities of Cambridge, Canterbury and London. Each campus offers a range of academic courses and subjects for students aged 14 (or 15) to 21, with an excellent record of progressing international students on to top universities in the UK and overseas.


One college, three locations

Students can choose from our three campuses – in Bloomsbury Square, London; in the heart of Cambridge, adjacent to colleges of the University; or Canterbury, one of the UK’s safest university cities. The campuses all offer the same quality of academic and pastoral care and the same ethos of managed responsibility.


Photo of Cats College Building Exterior 300x145Wide choice of academic options

All three campuses offer one-year IGCSE/Pre-Programme and a wide range of A-level subjects (available in three-, five- and six-term programmes) and University Foundation programmes for international students. We also offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and a two-year GCSE option in Canterbury and Cambridge. Students have individual learning plans, daily tutor sessions, weekly written assessments, and a range of additional support such as the Medics and Oxbridge programmes. We also offer free extra tuition for students who need help to achieve their learning objectives.


Excellent pastoral care

Photo of Cats College School Graduation Robes Ceremony Cambridge 300x204Students are accommodated by age, making CATS College an ideal option for students who are older than their peers. We have one of the highest pastoral staff/student ratios in the UK. All rooms are single or twin, and many are en-suite. Younger students (14–17) usually live in small boarding residences; over-18s have more independence in university-style residences. Even in London our accommodation is fully supervised, providing the standard of care which parents demand and students deserve. Over 90% of our students board with us. All schools have new or upgraded boarding for September 2015.


CATS College has given me a lot of support and preparation for my application to Cambridge University. I had one-to-one meetings with the Director of Studies almost every day. The mock interviews I had with my tutors were more challenging than the real interview. It was great preparation! What helped was two of my tutors graduated from Jesus College, they knew what was happening on the inside and gave me great advice on what to expect at my interview.

Ludivine Clement (Fast-track A-levels, CATS College Cambridge)





Cats College London, 43-45 Bloomsbury Square, London

CATS College Canterbury, 68 New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent


  +44 (0)1223 345698

  +44 (0)1223 346181


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