Cobham Hall

Type of school: Girls Senior school

Nearest international airport: Gatwick (50km)

Age Range: 11-18

Number of pupils: 195

Number of boarders: 120

Fees per term: Boarding: £8,100–£10,209
Day: £5,362–£6,787


Photo of Cobham Hall Year 7 paintball 300x200Cobham Hall is the only independent all-girls Round Square boarding and day school in the United Kingdom. Although the majority of our students are British, girls join us from all over the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA.

With pupil achievement and pastoral care rated as ‘Excellent’ in the 2015 ISI Report, we believe that with a good education and the right encouragement girls can be extraordinary in their own way. With the right knowledge, skills and attitude, the possibilities are endless. We want every girl to realise there is more in her than she thinks.

We are a small, gentle school. Confidence is not a prerequisite, but an inevitable result. Becoming extraordinary does not begin with a particular type of girl. It is brought about by immersion into Cobham Hall life. And just because we are not single-mindedly academic does not mean we are not academically strong.

Throughout the School, up to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in the Sixth Form, we strive to instil intellectual curiosity and, as girls grow, a drive to change the world.

Round Square

As a Round Square school, learning at Cobham goes beyond lessons; subjects are interactive and interwoven. We believe that learning can be present in any moment of any day, through every experience; that the learning process should be fascinating.

Photo of Cobham Hall Drama Production Annie 300x200The philosophy of education through experience also underpins our adventures outside the classroom from extracurricular activities to school trips and Round Square conferences, service projects and exchanges around the world.

As a boarding and day school, we offer the best of both worlds. Day girls can benefit from the busy-ness and flexibility of a boarding school – they can come early for breakfast and stay late for supper and prep or stay the night – while boarders can go out and about with local girls.

Location, setting and transport

Just 17 minutes from London by fast rail, our 150 acres of grounds give girls space to run, to think, to learn and experience; to entertain themselves and to be children a little longer. A minibus transport service is available for weekly boarders and day girls coming from London and towns and villages close to the School.

Scholarships and bursaries

Scholarships are available for entry into Years 7 to 10 and Sixth Form and are available for a variety of subjects. Bursaries and Elders, Forces and Sibling Discounts are also available. Open Mornings and Taster and Sleepover Events are usually held in the Spring and Autumn terms. We are happy to arrange personal visits and trial stays at other times throughout the year.

Open mornings are held in March and October. We are happy to arrange personal visits and trial stays at other times throughout the year.

“The amazing atmosphere and encouragement that is shared between Cobham Hall girls is something I will never forget.” Sixth Form leaver