Trinity School

Sea based activities due to location. Links with local clubs mean a wide variety of options. Small class sizes. Flexibility in offer and start date. Short term boarders accepted. Other academies.  

Type of school: Co-Ed Senior school with a junior department or a prep school

Nearest international airport: Exeter (25km)

Age Range: 4-19

Number of pupils: 350

Number of boarders: 80

Fees per term: Boarding: £6,545–£8,705
Day: £2,785–£3,905


Trinity School

Welcome to Trinity School. I have the privilege of leading Trinity at an exciting time. The School’s reputation has grown rapidly over the past decade and it is now acknowledged as one of the region’s finest schools.Trinity School Music Department

When parents visit they are immediately impressed by our ethos, the quality and commitment of staff and, most importantly, the confident, engaging and cheerful pupils.

Trinity and the family

With children of my own, I know how critical it is that your children’s needs are properly met. It is essential that school and family work closely together to bring this about – the relationship needs to be dynamic, honest and built on mutual trust and understanding. This essential partnership is central to Trinity’s work. This approach, and the fact that Trinity provides education for pupils of all ages, helps to generate the School’s warm, ‘family’ atmosphere.

Drawing the best from your child

Trinity ensures that the needs of the individual are identified and strengths are fully developed. We strive for achievement through being effective rather than selective. Many factors make this possible, such as low class sizes and excellent tutorial and pastoral systems. To my mind, a pupil-centred view is the only valid approach – schools are not production lines, because pupils are not machines. We ensure that all Trinitonians move on to adulthood as happy, successful people who are true to themselves.

Academic life

We teach GCSE, AS- and A-level and some BTEC courses. English as an additional language (EAL) courses are also available, within a specialist suite. This package is an ideal preparation for university entrance and the demands of a modern working life. Recently, all pupils with university ambitions have been successful, the majority going to their first choice universities, including Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities.

Preparing for the modern world

Trinity is a diverse community. We are well known and respected in our local community and across the world, having pupils from over 20 countries. This gives the School two great strengths: we are a genuine ‘British’ school offering the values and educational excellence that the UK is famous for; and we have the dynamism and vibrancy of a fully globalised community.

Trinity strives to be at the forefront of information technology. The ratio of computers to pupils is high, enabling boys and girls to gain confidence in this key skill area. The School has five all-purpose IT suites, and boarding houses have wireless internet.Trinity School Rugby Girls

Our values matter

The School equips pupils for today’s rapidly changing world, with respect for tradition, religious, ethical and family values. As a Christian foundation, we live by values such as compassion, tolerance, kindness, understanding and respect, whilst welcoming those of other faiths into our community.

The whole person

Whilst academic success is important, modern life demands many, varied skills. Development of these takes place through the range of extracurricular activity that the School offers. The positive effects of ensuring that there are sporting, cultural, charitable and leadership opportunities available at all ages cannot be overestimated.

Our location

The Senior and Preparatory Departments are in separate buildings, but on the same campus overlooking the English Channel. The School is in one of the most beautiful locations in the South West, yet less than three hours from London Heathrow Airport and just over an hour from Bristol Airport.

Quote from former Head of School

Former Head of School, Pedro Coelho, gained a first in chemistry at Oxford University, went to Caltech where he won the Demetriades and the McCoy prizes for the best PhD thesis in biotechnology and chemistry, and is co-founder, President and CEO of Provivi. In his leaving speech he said: ‘We shall always speak loud and proud about Trinity, so that the UK will hear, and the world will have to listen, that this is the School where we can make it happen; that this is the School for excellence in every field ranging from dramaTrinity School Rugby Boys, sports, the arts and the sciences; that this is the School where we are inspired to develop to our highest potential; that Trinity is, and will forever be, an amazing school.’

Quote from a boarding parent

‘I have never seen either of them so relaxed, happy, but focused on doing well.’

Scholarships and fees

Academic, music, art, drama and sports scholarships are available.

A pupil’s view

Alice Walmsley, one of our sixth-form leavers, wrote describing her view of her time at Trinity:

‘At Trinity I have had experiences that I will never forget, learned valuable lessons that will surely guide me through life, and made friends I will always remain close to. The family environment which Trinity promotes offers closeness between pupils and their teachers and each other that is an irreplaceably unique quality that grants each pupil a sense of belonging.

‘At the age of ten, joining a new school seemed rather daunting, especially because others had been there for years and thus had already established close friendship groups. Yet within a matter of days it became clear to me that any feeling of being an “outsider” would be short-lived. The happy, friendly and relaxed feel of the School, when combined with the committed and caring staff, provides the ideal atmosphere for pupils to flourish.

‘Trinity offers opportunities that many children would not get at other schools, always encouraging them to achieve higher than even they realise their potential is. It is the teachers at Trinity that make good on its promise of being so much more than just a school. Their enthusiasm and passion for the subjects they teach make it almost impossible to fail.

‘I know that the eight years I have spent here have made me the best prepared that I can be for later life. I will never forget the school that has given me so much.’

Lawrence Coen, Headmaster

Bringing Education to Life.